Food & Wine

The chef’s professional kitchen is not an out-of-limits technical space, but rather a warm, cosy room in which you are welcome. It offers a private area where you can watch the chef at work, gather inspiration and ask any questions you may have.

The original, restored wine cellar in the vaults under the tower building boasts an impressive setting in which to enjoy wine tastings and congenial conversations about the exceptional Tuscan wines. The wine cellar offers a handpicked selection of fine wines, most from the region, but also some exquisite wines from around the world.


If Tuscany really fits to your taste you can verify in a BuzzFeed quiz:
Your taste in food will reveal where in Europe you should actually live.

And here you will see a photo of Vitigliano Tuscan Relais & Spa under the last question “pick up your mealtime scenery” and furthermore if your final result is “Tuscany, Italy”:
You are a true hedonist and food lover, and you know that food, wine, and culture are the greatest things in life. Tuscany will enchant you with its beauty and its amazing food.

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