The wine list comes from the heart of the owner of Vitigliano. During the 7 years it took to complete Vitigliano, she not only had the chance of tasting the finest wines, but also of forming friendships with some exceptional winemakers. Two of these Tuscan wines have been selected as her “house wines.”

Tommaso Cavalli, son of fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, is a neighbour and the families have become close friends. He has created a “Limited Edition” of his Cavalli Tenuta Degli Dei especially for Marion Hattemer. Roberto Cavalli is a household name in the world of fashion. In the world of wine it is his son, Tommaso Cavalli, who calls the shots. He creates his distinct wines on his estate Tenuta degli Dei. “Creating things that are “different” is in our family genes,” says Tommaso Cavalli. Therefore, he grows not only Sangiovese in his vineyards, but also Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot – the result is the Cavalli Selection (

Laura Brunelli is wife of the late Gianni Brunelli and founder & owner of the famous restaurant “Osteria Le Logge” in Siena and the Brunello wine estate in Montalcino. The close friend of Vitigliano’s architect has also become a close friend of the family, who greatly admire her for her courageous work after the death of her husband. (

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