Vitigliano is a work of art in its own right. The realisation of this jewel was only possible through the perfect interplay between the subtle architectural design of the individual buildings and the conservation area planning process.

The architect, moreover, succeeded in carrying out state-of-the-art renovations which, at the same time, enhance the property‘s sustainability: ventilation technology, underfloor heating, 5 cm-thick adobe plaster, energy-saving windows and doors and air-conditioning ensure a pleasant, healthy interior climate all year long.

The estate of Vitigliano comprises several buildings:

The best architect was, in any case, the house, or rather the ruin, itself – we really didn’t want to change all that much because there’s a reason for everything having been built the way it was. Our task, rather, was to find out how everything had looked originally and find a way of incorporating high technical standards, in keeping with environmentally sustainable criteria, without compromising the historic appearance. For example, we now have ventilated underflooring, underfloor heating where possible, windows that comply with the very latest energy standards, large rainwater cisterns and even biological sewage filtration.

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